Xbox boss talks Project Scarlett and cloud gaming

Xbox boss talks Project Scarlett and cloud gaming

Dec 09 2019

Microsoft’s head of Xbox believes the next generation of consoles should look to balance GPU and CPU power to provide a better gaming experience.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer reckons consoles have been relying too heavily on the strength of their GPUs, instead of boosting the power of CPUs to solve frame rate issues, which is something that will be taken into account during Project Scarlett, a codename for the next-gen Xbox.

Spencer told The Guardian: “Current gen consoles are like arm wrestlers – they have one big arm, which is the GPU, and one little arm, which is the CPU.

“When those things are more balanced, it will allow us to provide a better game feel through frame rate consistency and lower input latency. But I also think that can transfer through to the emotional feel we get in game.”

Spencer was also asked about the future potential of cloud gaming, in the wake of the somewhat underwhelming launch of Google Stadia this week.

“The best way for you to play in your home – today, tomorrow, next year – is going to be on a local piece of hardware.

“That doesn’t mean that there’s not a future in cloud. Right now, xCloud is in preview, because we don’t think we’ve figured out all the answers to what cloud gaming is about, and we don’t want to try to get people to buy into the unknown. But we’re a big company. We can support the unknown. We will evolve.”

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