Absolute carnage in new Doom trailer

Absolute carnage in new Doom trailer

Jan 31 2020

The upcoming Doom title promises to deliver on so many levels if the trailer is anything to go by…

Doom Eternal is set to be unleashed to the gaming world on March 20 and the folks over at Bethesda Studios continue to whet our appetite with trailers. In the latest one, we see the scale that the player has to deal with to clean up Earth, which is overflowing with demons in the year 2151.

The game has already teased some new mechanics, including a laser sword, grappling hook finishers and antigravity maneuvers.

The trailer features quite a bit of dialogue, from the demons themselves and those suffering on Earth. And our main protagonist? He just cocks his shotgun in response.

Feast your eyes on the gore and prepare for metal in this hellish trailer…

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