Ablazeonline: Bjergsen’s mentorship helped guide my growth

Ablazeonline: Bjergsen’s mentorship helped guide my growth

Feb 03 2020

Golden Guardians Academy’s newest member Nicholas “Ablazeolive” Abbott has praised TSM midlaner Soren “Bjergsen” Bjerg for his guidance.

Ablazeolive was snapped up by the TSM Academy team in 2017 and he went on to compete in two seasons of the LCS Academy League.

Now the Golden Guardians recruit is preparing to head into the 2020 LCS season and took time to thank his mentor at TSM Bjergsen for the crucial guidance he gave him in his first two seasons.

“There were so many things, it’s innumerable. Having Bjergsen as a mentor was so helpful. Having someone I could talk to, however, was the biggest thing. Something a lot of people don’t know about Bjergsen personally is how nice he is. He’s always willing to help. When I first started with TSM Academy, I was really scared like, “Oooh….BJERGSEN!!” But he actually reached out to me first, and he suggested we talk about stuff, and he would try and help me,” he told Inven Global.

“After a few months, I melded to knowing when I could go to him and know he was going to help me out. He always gave me extremely detailed answers to every question that I had for him. Whenever I presented him with a hypothetical scenario, he would always take the time to make sure he would address things properly in his answer. Then, if he had questions, he would ask me things about how I felt.

“There was a huge progression in my skill level between my first and second seasons on TSM Academy, so in 2018, our conversations were mostly me asking Bjergsen for guidance on how to get up to speed on things competitively to understand the game better. Transition into 2019, however, it felt like there was a lot more back in forth in our dialogue. We would discuss what champions we should pick; which situations call for each champion; etc.

“Something people don’t realize that while Bjergsen is so good at every factor that goes into in-game communication, but he also helped me outside of the game on things like how to think about life or what I’m supposed to do when I’m stressed.

“I used to have a huge issue where I would play really badly in games on stage. I would play like ten times worse than I did during practice, so I asked Bjergsen about it and he helped me with that as well. The list goes on and on about things Bjergsen has helped me with, but the most improvement that happened that people probably wouldn’t expect is outside-of-game, life-centric skills.”

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