Call of Duty update: Crossbow gets nerfed

Call of Duty update: Crossbow gets nerfed

Feb 18 2020

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has released a small update that balances several weapons and changes to the multiplayer.

The crossbow that was introduced to the game just last week, no doubt delighting medieval enthusiasts, will be deceased in power considerably. While it used to take just three bolts to down an enemy Support Helo, it will now take six. The M4 was also nerfed in damage and range.

But fear not, the M13 received a nominal increase in its range and damage stats.

Player will also welcome a fine-tuning of the Shipment 24/7 map that will “reduce the frequency of instant deaths and spawn traps”. Praise Odin!

Here are the full patch notes…

Playlist Update

Added Deathmatch Domination!
Added Gunfight Custom!
Shipment 24/7 is back! (Replaces Shoot the Ship)
Removed Winter Docks
Moved Capture the Flag into the Quick Play Filter

MP5: Reduced headshot multiplier, Small reduction to 10mm range
M4: Small damage decrease to reduce headshot effectiveness, Small range decrease
M13: Range increase, Small reduction to horizontal recoil, Small damage increase to boost headshot effectiveness
Crossbow: Players are able to shoot down an enemy Support Helo with only 3 Thermite Bolts. This has been adjusted; 5 to take down a VTOL and 6 to take down a Support Helo and Chopper Gunner

Fix for an exploit in Ground War via ATV

Fix for missing character model on the LA OpTic CDL skin

Shipment: Spawn tuning to reduce the frequency of instant deaths and spawn traps. Adjustments to spawn positions around the edge of the map for all modes. New spawn logic for Domination.

When using keyboard and mouse, a controller button prompt will appear to access the Social Menu while matchmaking. On PC with a PS4 controller, the button prompt will appear as an Xbox prompt. This has been fixed.

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