Sims developer EA Maxis listing jobs for potential new IP

Sims developer EA Maxis listing jobs for potential new IP

Feb 19 2020

A job listing from Sims creator EA Maxis has rumours still shooting through the internet on what the team’s next mystery project could possibly be!?

The team behind the towering real-life virtual simulation franchise known as The Sims were in late 2019 looking for an experienced Creative Director to drive home their vision on potentially making a fresh IP of some unknown and currently undisclosed description.

While there’s a slim chance it’s The Sims 5, there’s also a slight chance it’s not – the verdict on this misty new development in the works is still cloudy!

“Maxis is seeking an experienced Creative Director to drive the creative vision of future products developed in our Austin studio. You will lead, foster and mentor an experienced team of developers working on a new IP, crafting the vision and leading the execution of a compelling, innovative and immersive experience. Your strong mix of creative and leadership experience in PC products, mobile titles and live service allows you to inspire the team, provide and communicate vision, drive innovation and create incredible experiences for our players,” reads the first paragraph of EA Maxis’ job listing.

“You should possess a deep understanding of the new trends driving player expectations and engagement,” it concludes.

Gamesradar reports that news of new game in the making was first spotted by a user on Reddit – which would raise red flags in most cases, if it weren’t for the fact that news sites like PC Gamer and VG24 all claim the job posting alone validates this piece of information. Keep in mind, developer Maxis has not yet directly stated that the studio are working on anything yet.

This level of certainty isn’t uncommon for these types of unsubstantiated rumors, but hopefully this one bears some fruit.

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