Bubzkji: MAD Lions must do better in playoffs

Bubzkji: MAD Lions must do better in playoffs

Feb 20 2020

MAD Lions star Lucas “Bubzkji” Andersen admits the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive outfit needs to improve their performances in the knockout stages of tournaments.

Bubzkji and company have progressed to the ICE Challenge quarter-finals, after finishing third in Group A, where they will face OG for a chance at taking on mousesports in the last four.

MAD Lions have recently struggled to do well in the playoff stages of tournaments despite enjoying success in group stages, and Bubzkji admits it’s something they need to improve.

“It sounds obvious, but I think we just need to learn how to handle pressure in playoffs,” Bubzkji told HLTV in an interview.

“If we look at our results, we don’t dominate the group stage but we play really well, and then you get to the next stage and we feel that it’s not the same.

“We have to replicate the feeling from the group stage, but I don’t know how to do that. Maybe it’s time, maybe it’s more preparation or God knows what.

“We’re kind of just trying to figure that out by going to a lot of events to find out the cause of us playing worse at playoffs.”

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